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United Capital Management – Offshore Trust Services

If you hold assets in your own name – or even in a corporation – you could be doing yourself a huge disservice. In the increasingly bankrupt western world, the affluent have a target on their back – a target that could cost you everything you have. Not to mention government wealth confiscation is on the rise.

Setting up a foreign trust with United Capital Maagement is a sound asset protection strategy to add a layer of protection between your assets and anyone trying to seize your wealth. By using an offshore trust rather than a domestic trust, you can enjoy additional protections not available in your home country.

An offshore trust is related to a traditional onshore asset protection trust in that the end goal is to protect your assets. They are also similar in relation to the parties involved: a Settlor, a Trustee, and the Beneficiaries.

The difference is that with an offshore trust, also called a foreign trust, the trustee is a financial institution that is not in the same country as the settlor – a foreign country, a foreign trust. A number of these foreign countries are offshore, hence the use of the term ‘offshore trust.’

 Appointing United Capital Management as your offshore trust just may be your best option when it comes to protecting your assets. You can work with an asset protection trust institution that is in a jurisdiction with advantageous laws around wealth, protection of wealth, and which has lower taxes.

UCM Responsibilities as a trust:

  • Follow the terms expressed in the Deed of Trust
  • Defend the trust against debtors – a key element of any asset protection trust
  • Invest the trust appropriately
  • Act impartially amongst the beneficiaries
  • Be accountable to all beneficiaries, keep them informed and act in their best interest
  • Not delegate duties, or profit themselves from transactions



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  • CREST Enablement
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