UCG Trading Venue

“Due to United Capital Management Pte Ltd compliance with “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”)” these services are not available to residents or citizens of the US or Singapore”


United Capital Group Ltd through its multiple trading partners on both in the exchange and over the counter trading. Our market makers are as follow :

  • Match-Trade
  • FX Edge
  • DBS



Liquidity providers

  • Societe Generale
  • Swissquote
  • BNP Paribas
  • Credit Suisse
  • JP Morgan

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United Capital Group Ltd operates a fully-integrated financial services provider that offers a comprehensive range of products which include trading, clearing, settlement, hedging and depository.

Our research and development team always facilitate the trading with the research from fundamental and technical analysis of the market in real time.


UCG Refinery System AG

UCG Refinery System AG (Turkey) is a wholly own subsidiary company of UCG group and  specialist in gold and metal refining solution from scrap to fine casting bar in accordance with LAMB and LME standard. Together with EBA solution AG who have wealth of experience in extracting metals system for 30 years,  all the constructions, fabrications and testing are done by certify engineers from Italy and Turkey on turkey basis. Our solution includes inspection and endorsement by certify engineers to ensure that final gold casted bars that produce by our turnkey build solutions are European standard. We strictly follow the environmental friendly procedures and all the solutions involved DOE approve method which is free from toxic fume and all discharge waste are in PH8.

Assembling the system is base on the individual clients requirements and depends on the ore or scrap that plan to process. All materials and parts are strictly manufacture in Turkey and Italy LAMB standard. All the installations of the system are strictly by our certify engineers on site including training with specific chargers.” We can build and deliver the complete turnkey solutions in 90 days from the date of order confirmations.”
Refinery Equipment

Client Office

Our client on-boarding process provides clients with their own client office accounts. Here clients will be able to open trading accounts, & execute deposits/withdrawals electronically. They will also have an E-wallet functionality giving them the ability to transfer funds between their trading accounts and e-wallets. Our Client Office has a number of features:

  • Provides convenience for clients
  • Various deposit and withdrawal options through payment gateways
  • Provides total transparency  for clients
  • Access full control over own funds
  • Open Demo and Live trading accounts online
  • Transfer funds between trading accounts
  • E-wallet functionality acts as segregated account

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Portfolio Management Services

The Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is our most comprehensive service, available exclusively through our Dealings Room. Investors can invest and acquire high active returns with the most competitive management fees. Accounts are managed by our experienced trading experts who achieve the finest records in trading. There are many benefits of our Portfolio Management Services:

  1. Professional Management: UCG Dealings Room provides professional management of portfolios with the objective of delivering consistent long-term performance while controlling risk.
  2. Constant Investment Tracking: We understand the dynamics of equity as an asset class, so we track your investments continuously to maximize the returns.
  3. Risk Control: Well defined investment philosophy & strategy acts as a guiding principle in defining the investment universe. We have very robust portfolio management software that enables the entire construction, monitoring and the risk management processes.
  4. Convenience: Our Dealings Room relieves you from all the administrative hassles of your investments. We provide periodic reports on the performance and other aspects of your investments.
  5. Transparency: You will have viewing access to your trading account at all times. You will be able to track all information relating to your investment on a daily basis. A password protected login will enable you to access details of your investment/trades with the click of a button.
  6. Dedicated Relationship Manager: Your Relationship manager will help you carefully understand your financial goals and advise you the right product mix. The relationship managers ensure that you receive periodic updates and account performance reports.

Business competitiveness

By fostering a culture that stresses the highest ethical standards in support of clients, we have built one of the most trusted and respected financial solution which consistently achieves a positive result for our clients.